How To Create A Bot In Python

Author: Amelia (01/01/2024 01:55 CEST)

Creating a Discord Bot with Dires for Python

  1. Create an Account:
    Visit our client panel at and sign up for an account if you haven't already. Once logged in, navigate to "Servers."
  2. Set Up Bot Hosting:
    Click the "+" icon to add a new server. Choose "Bot Hosting" and select "Python" as the preferred language. Pick the desired node for your bot.
  3. Access Server Files:
    Now, head over to our control panel at using the same login details as the client panel. Locate your server and navigate to "File Managers."
  4. Upload Bot Files:
    Use the File Manager to upload your Python bot's files. This includes your bot's main script (e.g.,, dependencies, and other necessary files.
  5. Create 'requirements.txt' file:
    To specify Python package dependencies, create a file named requirements.txt. This file lists all Python packages required for your bot to run.

    The format is package_name==version. In this example, is the package name, and 2.3.2 is the specific version required. You can add more packages in the same format, each on a new line.
  6. Example of requirements.txt:
    1. discord==2.3.2
    2. pymongo
  7. Useful Links:
    Create Server Panel Login
  8. Not Helpful?
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