How To Create A Discord Bot Application

Author: Amelia (01/01/2024 02:22 CEST)

Discord bots are valuable for enhancing server functionality and engagement. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to create a fully functional Discord bot for your server.

  1. Set Up a Discord Developer Account:
    To start, visit the Discord Developer Portal and log in using your Discord account. Click on "New Application" to create a new bot application.
  2. Create Your Bot:
    Navigate to the application settings within the Discord Developer Portal and access the "Bot" tab. Click on "Add Bot" to convert your application into a bot. Customise the bot's username and profile picture.
  3. Obtain Your Bot Token:
    In the bot settings, locate the "Token" section and click "Copy" to obtain your bot token. Keep this token secure as it is essential for your bot's authentication.
  4. Set Up Your Development Environment:
    You can set your development up at Dires and we'll keep your Discord bot online 24/7 free of charge.
  5. Useful Links:
    Create Server Dev Portal
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